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Posted on 02-05-15 9:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Time,space, matter and energy, the four components of the universe that surrounds us. As per great minds and mathematicians, age of universe is 13 billion years and earth's age is 4 billion. The universe has come long way from its beginning. The width of the universe is roughly 93 billion light years. Age of universe is calculated based on cosmic radiation and its width based on the distance where the photons are reaching. Beyond width of universe, the darkness is waiting for photons to reach there and continue their journey to the vastness. Infinite dark Space keeps on getting bigger as the universe expands with photon's and energy's journey. Matter and energy occupy space and travel through time and phenomena continues.
The proven fact, time changes with speed, but is there a universal time for the observer of the universe or time tags along with speed of matter/energy. Space curves with mass and energy, is it possible the mass of whole universe unfolds the space it has curved or there is still vast infinite three dimension which is always empty. The interchange between mass and energy of sub-atomic particles means energy is the building block of the matter. The matter and mass is a bundle of compact energy. Classical concept collapses with interchangeable mass and energy.
As the facts and dramas of the universe unfolds, the more complicated it gets for human mind to comprehend. Planets, sun, stars, galaxies, mega-galaxies and it goes on and on small scales its atoms,electrons, quarks, energy packets etc.The whole theory and observations of point particles contradicts with the observation of large objects in the universe. The numbers are either very small like point particles billionth of billionth cm or very large in billions, speeds of lights which makes humans impossible to comprehend.The physical processes are defined with complex equations and numbers which is merely interpret-able with our senses.
This vastness is beyond spritiual,religious God, but came from the natural god (energy). We are merely a pale dot in this vast universe ( Carl Sagan) and hope one day intellectual earthlings can understand this complex phenomenon of nature.
Posted on 02-06-15 12:08 AM     [Snapshot: 68]     Reply [Subscribe]
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8848, I went through this whole documentary below. Very interesting on where we might be headed with all these unknowns. I hope we can scientifically (not just mathematically) prove these theories.
When I was growing up, they said nothing can travel faster than light. Then some physicists said neutrinos may travel faster than light, although it was never confirmed and thought of as a mistake.
Whatever it may be, the universe is far too complex for us to understand. It's going to take hundreds of great minds hundreds of theories and hundreds of years just to get 1 step closer to the truth when they will realize all that we have been believing and thinking has been completely bogus. :D

Posted on 02-06-15 9:16 AM     [Snapshot: 153]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hyperspace is a good book by Michio Kaku I read some time back. It talks about parallel universe, quantum leap, wormhole, tele-portation, time wraps and 10th dimension.
Although these are not proven, his theory is that, there are infinite number of parallel universes around us and travelling to other universe is possible through wormhole, which needs enormous amount of energy.
One of the interesting thing mentioned in the book is, different universes are not of same size. some universe might be as small as size of a atom. and other can be trillions time bigger. However we will never notice how big those universe are if we travel to them because everything is shrink down or expanded in proportion. For example, if everything in earth is shrink down by half, we will never notice our height has been reduced to half because everything around us will be reduced to half as well, including the scale to measure.

Posted on 02-06-15 12:47 PM     [Snapshot: 201]     Reply [Subscribe]
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E = MC2. Energy equals the product of mass and the square of speed of light. Through this euation you can calcuate what the matter is. So,
M = E/C2. Matter is nothing but the manifestation of energy. When you touch water, you are actually not touching the water in real sense but you are experiencing energy as water. The Hydrogen and Oxygen molecule have somehow managed to bond themselves in such a way that it apears as water. If you closely investigate the true nature of matter, you will realize that there is no such thing as matter. It was energy before and it is energy now. So, the question is why are you experiencing energy as matter? What is causing these energies appear as if they are solid objects?
In every effects, cause itself is envolved. For example, glass. What appears as glass? It is Silica that appears as glass when certain circumstances are provided. When certain permutations happens withing Silica, it takes certain shapes and we give it a different name. So, what is the prerequisite for the the existence of energy? It is space. Space alone is responsible for the manifestation of energies. In other words, space itself is involed in energy. Understanding space is very difficult because it very subtle. If you understand space, you understand everything that is within the space.

Posted on 02-06-15 2:26 PM     [Snapshot: 230]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Interesting topic and discussion !
Couple of comments on Ujl's statement -
1) I don't think by merely invoking E=MC^2, we will be able to calculate what the matter is ! This equation tells us - energy and mass are equivalent, but there is no such reversible process !
There are other experimental methods in practice, partaking which one can quantify the composition of a matter (can precisely tell what elements are present in and in what ratios in a given specimen of a sample). By the way this is how we know the composition of distant stars and even our Sun for that matter.

2) Yes, true hydrogen and oxygen atoms come together and form a H2O molecule, via chemical bonding but I will not say it appears as water, not always ! Conditions, such as pressure and temperature are critical here, and water molecule can take solid (ice), liquid (water) and vapor (water vapor) form. Nomenclature is least of interest here. Why - hydrogen bonding will be of little help here.

3) "If you closely investigate the true nature of matter, you will realize that there is no such thing as matter" - I wouldn't make such statement, as I know I'm made of matter (C,H,O,N and other trace elements). So, matter matters to me.

4) "So, the question is why are you experiencing energy as matter?" - Great question! I think we're made of matter and so is everything else in the universe (not sure about the dark matter though..). I will invoke E=MC^2 here for clarity, ignoring C which is a constant we see that Energy and Mass (of a matter if you will) are equivalent. If you experience heat from a burning coal, that is the release of energy in the form of " heat "stored within the atoms of coal (mainly carbon atoms).

"What is causing these energies appear as if they are solid objects?"
- Again, pressure and temperature (standard atmospheric pressure and temperature of earth) is causing H2O molecules to take liquid form (colloquially water of ocean, rivers, drinking water etc). If you play with pressure and temperature, you'll see H2O molecules in solid (ice in your freezer, up in the mountains) and vapor (water vapor from boiling water) forms.
One interesting example -
Titan is one of the moons of Saturn - it has an interesting geology. It has H2O molecules but in the solid form (naturally) and has methane/ethane which is in liquid form. So, imagine it has a solid surface of H2O-ice and seas/oceans of methane/ethane. Whereas, we know under Earth's natural condition H2O molecules are in liquid form and mehtane/ethane molecules are in gaseous form.

Posted on 02-06-15 3:25 PM     [Snapshot: 260]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ iLED009..... Einstein equation help us understand that there is a relationship between energy and mass. I didn't mean a precise mathematical number for matter when I said we can calculate matter.
Yes, H20 can take shape of liquid water, solid and gaseous state. But, in all these three states, it is the same ingredients! Only arrangements differ in these three states as a result of different circumstances; in your words, pressure, temperature etc. Vapor can be changed into solid water and solid water can be changed into liquid water. I am interested in the essence of substance not how they appear. Whether it be vapor, or solid water or liquid water, I am interested in the real ingredients of these substance. At this point scientist know that atoms are the smallest unit of matter. When I know all matter is nothing but atom, then I am interested in atoms rather than varieties of things that are made out of atoms because until I don't understand about atoms, I will not understand matter!

Just because something appears solid through your sense perception doesn't mean it is solid. When you rotate a fire, it appears as a circle! Which one is correct? Is there really a circle or is it just a fire? A rope can appear as snake at night but when you truly investigate getting closer to that rope, you will realize that there was no snake at any time, whatsoever. It was just your mind that thought there was a snake! Whose problem is this? Rope's or your own mind?

If matter is real then you would never be able to destroy any matter at any time. That which is real and truly exist no matter what will have to be indestructible. The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So, you can ask yourself whether matter is superior or energy?

Posted on 02-06-15 3:58 PM     [Snapshot: 260]     Reply [Subscribe]
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String theories is one of the best theory that can explain the duality of particle as both energy and matter. String theory digs deeper down into the matter. What is inside a quark answered by the String theory only or even what is inside mass less photon. But, it still cannot define cosmic inflation and has more complex matrixes, maths with irrational, imaginary and complex numbers, equations, dimensions used to help just to prove the theory itself. Many scientist are still skeptic about the theory because of these helps ( math etc) and nobody probably can or cannot prove the strings that they theorize.

Maximum speed could be only speed of light. Mass less energies ( Photon, Bosons) and forces like electro-,magnetism, gravitation are specifically calculated travelling in this speed. There cannot be infinite speed for any physical forces/particles to travel. For example, A photon (stone) from sun is emitted, it will take eight seconds to reach earth, because of the distance it has to travel. It has to travel in a speed of X and the maximum distance it can cover every second A-B will be finite. Beside imagining it was instantaneous, the maximum speed X can cover distance A-B through space within finite time of 1 sec is limited. The particle has to have speed of certain limit if it is not instantaneous. Speed equals distance over time and both time and distance are measurable factors, so speed is also calculable and limited which limits to speed of light as its known. And that limit as known is speed of light in which is maximum speed any radiation, energy, particles can travel. Only exception to this is quantum entanglement, which is mystery in itself. How can to particles communicate instantaneously has stunned scientists.

Hyperspace and multiuniverse theories are like theological theories. You can claim anything or say anything because its impossible to prove its impossible. If I claim there is no shoe in the cloud ( that we cannot or never will reach), how can It be proven there is no shoe in the cloud when the very thing shoe does not exist in the cloud neither be proven shoe is there. The NATURE/ Properties of energy, particles should consistent through out the universe/s, meaning a electron is electron anywhere in universes otherwise it would be "dectron".

Ujil, as iLE explained, the energy and matter are interchangeable. A sun is a matter but when it looses mass/matter it is converted to energy which is radiation, heat. If sun was cold ( dwarf Stars), the matter would be preserved as its mass. Hydrogen and oxygen can form many different compounds ( OH-, H3O, H+, OH-) etc but with the combination of pressure, temp, environment it remained as water on earth as ilE explained.
Matter is matter what form we see. Carbon can be a diamond or graphite but it is till a carbon. Only the bond angle, pressure, crystallization makes its physical appearance different.
And lastly Space is Vacuum where the energy and matters interact. One question is though, how all this matter/ energy got here from big bang and all the cosmic expansion and inflation.
Unfolded mystery.

Posted on 02-06-15 4:36 PM     [Snapshot: 314]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@8848m..... What is vacuum? Where do vacuum exist?
Posted on 02-06-15 6:01 PM     [Snapshot: 343]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Vacuum Space                       (                          )

space with matter/ energy ( .* . *. ~.* ..* : '... * )

Two brackets just means boundries for understanding, but space dont have boundaries.
Where does it exist,The whole universe exists on space.
Last edited: 06-Feb-15 06:01 PM

Posted on 02-06-15 6:04 PM     [Snapshot: 339]     Reply [Subscribe]
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An absolute nothingness and energy like thing called quarks make Protons. Variety of combination of one to many protons surrounded by various numbers of electrons s make an Atom.When Atom react with each other they exchange electrons and form new elements.

To understand elements, view this interesting video.

It is believed that life evolved through carbon element and there is your answer for how we are here.

Next thing to understand is the dimensions, watch this video on the theoretical concept of dimensions.

Next understand the string theory, the theory of everything. Einstein wanted to complete the theory but could not and Hawkins and other scientists are working on that now.

On this video you will see that everything starts at the energy vibrations of quarks in 10 dimension and if everything was just a perceived energy and nothing is really real then it brings it back to Vedic explanation that says " nothing is real, and real is nothing, and its all perception of matter being there"

Sabai prabhu ko " maya/illusion" bhane jastai.

Then you read a script from Rig Veda and try to understand everything all at once.

Last edited: 06-Feb-15 06:05 PM

Posted on 02-06-15 6:06 PM     [Snapshot: 332]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"When I know all matter is nothing but atom, then I am interested in atoms rather than varieties of things that are made out of atoms because until I don't understand about atoms, I will not understand matter!" - Great ! I suggest you read "Atom..." by Lawrence M. Krauss. Good shit !

"Just because something appears solid through your sense perception doesn't mean it is solid."
- This statement cranked me up. Ha! I don't get it, your question rather sounds non-scientific, so no comments on this.
"When you rotate a fire, it appears as a circle! Which one is correct? Is there really a circle or is it just a fire?"
- I'll comment here, it's a circular shaped fire ! Period. I would ask simple questions like - while burning wood, why the fire is not contained in the wood itself and we see flames rising always upward? Why do fires have different colors and different colors have different temperatures. Once, I start asking these questions, I'll get closer to understanding atoms and the matter in itself.

And I don't know where you going with snake, and rope and mind etc.
I don't think either matter or energy is superior to one another. I don't know and don't care !
Food for thought - matter can be destroyed by it's anti-matter. Proton and anti-proton will instantaneously annihilate to form radiation (not a matter), similarly other particles.

@8848m - There's a book by the same guy, Lawrence M Krauss "Universe from Nothing". Again a good read if you want to get the best possible answer to your question " how all this matter/ energy got here from big bang and all the cosmic expansion and inflation."

Posted on 02-06-15 6:38 PM     [Snapshot: 370]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@8848m.... Where do this space exist? What is it that is supporting this space?
Posted on 02-07-15 3:06 PM     [Snapshot: 482]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ujl, read my post again.
Posted on 02-07-15 7:13 PM     [Snapshot: 531]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Interesting thread. I had a question; well not related to string theories and quantum physics. I am kinda hijacking this thread but who cares. So once I had this argument with a religious person about 'God'. And since then and after that I have seen thousands of videos where non theists or even agnostics trying in vain arguing whether god exists or not. As for me, even as a child it was not as much about having confidence whether 'God' exists or not but about if 'God' is an infinite form, how boring it would be to be 'God'. The concept of multiverse excites me. And one thing that many, probably even the religious and the godly, would believe that universe tends to be infinite. So this concept of infinite and the existence of 'God' is what intrigues me. If we know infinity as we know now then how boring a concept of 'God' would be as interpreted by all religions. Go to any Religion and they probably talk about heaven or hell or Nirvana or the matter and the energy etc. The concept that 'God' exists in such a form and that you tend to delve towards infinity is such a boring thing to be which is why I am a 'whatever' about 'God'. About religion - I am out of words. So what's your take on 'God'. Where does 'God' fit in - according to you in this whole scheme of things.

Posted on 02-07-15 8:12 PM     [Snapshot: 540]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Existence of God is indeed related to cosmic evolution depending on how you define god. That is why scientists are conducting a experiment in Europe to understand how a universe came into existence from a singularity.
At this point in time big bang is just a theory and no one knows what happened during big bang. I read a recent news that all the stars came into existence 150 millions to 200 millions before what scientists had predicted.
Now the question is since we are bound to 4 dimensions only and can visually experience 3D only,are there any form of life that live in higher dimension? if so they might be God for us and our universe might be one of the model created by the intelligent beings from the higher dimensions.
Posted on 02-08-15 3:14 PM     [Snapshot: 614]     Reply [Subscribe]
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iled I will check the library for that book. Thanks.

Property of matter and energy is fueling universe for its existence. What is the definition of "GOD"? Religious/spiritual leaders define god as a intelligent being that created us and universe. Intellect inside us cannot answer simple mysteries of life and phenomena surrounding us and only answer to that directs humans tendency to believe in higher power a.k.a GOD. The nature and its properties is GOD. Fundamental forces ( strong, weak, gravitation and electromagnetic) has resulted the universe as we see now. And these interactions are properties of matter/energy.

Tihar :Big Bang is just a theory, true. Nobody can or will find out exactly what happened at the very moment when big bang occured, but observing photons, galaxies, core old stars and finding properties of subatomic particles how they react with high density,temperature etc will get us closer to understanding what might have happened 13.8 billion years ago. Cosmic radiation and expansion of universe is both proven and observed. Based on where the universe is heading (expanding), it must have been closer at certain point in time. With these observations, Big Bang only can make sense of what universe is today.

"One big model created by higher dimension living beings". Not only humans observed those 4 dimension, but matter and energy in our universe also interact in these dimensions. Question still remains how the higher dimension beings were created even this theory is merely true. And How they are able make matter and energy, make them interact, make the whole universe is like saying Bramha created mountains with bones of Rakches. "Creation" only applies for human beings as we directly tend to assume, somewhere somebody must have "Created" the whole thing. We can get the best explanations being a Observer rather being part of the phenomena.

Posted on 02-08-15 4:05 PM     [Snapshot: 625]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I do not understand quantum physics, neither do I have any real understanding of matter, time and space but I think, like most of us here, everything can and should be explained or questioned. My only discontent is with the concept of 'God' as a higher power and that 'God' is something that cannot be explained. Which is fine, no one can either prove or disprove 'God'. IMO, the concept of 'God' is boring and any 'God' can be questioned or explained. Whether 'God' is a complex creator, a matter, an energy, a Multiverse? at that level anything can and should be explained. We might not have an answer about the complexity of universe and believe that 'God' has an explanation; but should not stop seeking seek explanation. Now, the point is that the 'God' believers may propose that since they trust 'God' and that she has an explanation, we should blindly follow 'God'. Well, which is also fine but honestly, from a human experience, to be 'God' is so damn boring. The infinity would kill me, no matter how complex it is. I am thinking this way because a generally agreeable universal human notion is that the concept of our existence, the universe, all tend to be tilting towards infinity and the concept that 'God' is an infinite force is what makes me feel 'there is no need to celebrate God because we have an infinity to do so'. It is a boring and bland concept just because infinity is boring - no matter what. Which is why I think there is neither a rhyme nor a reason for life. It is what we make of it. There is no good or bad. Even if there is a heaven or a hell - since both are infinitesimal (per religion) then what is the use? One could suffer endlessly or one could have moksha or nirvana but still end up infinitesimally looping around in the vast....So basically, there is no rhyme or reason for 'God'. It's just an infinite something. One can be a devout Religious, a devout Satan, an artist, a philanderer, a Zoroastrian, a Jain, a BardiakoNepali, an ant, an amoeba, a tiger - there is no 'Godly' reason for it. We're just a blip in an infinite array of energy.

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