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 Why always Miss Nepal winner is Newari??

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Posted on 04-19-15 10:46 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Everytime thesedays Miss Nepal is Newari. I see lot of thakuri and bahun girls in Nepal who are super hot like movie actress but maybe because Miss nepal organizer is Newari they select Newari girls only. They should call it Miss Newar and not Miss Nepal

Miss Nepal 2015 Winner is Evana Manandhar From Kathmandu

Miss Nepal 2015 Winner is Evana Manandhar
Miss Nepal 2015 latest edition of the beauty pageant is been complete. Evana Manandhar from Kathmandu is been the Miss Nepal 2015 out of 19 MissNepal 2015 contestants. Congratulations to Miss Nepal 2015 Evana Manandhar. Evana Manandhar is Miss Nepal 2015.
Miss Nepal 2015 Winner is Evana Manadhar From Kathmandu

Miss Nepal 2015 Evana Manandhar Crowning Moment   

There were various winners in other categories as well.

Pooja Shrestha is Miss Talent!!!

Evana Manandhar is Miss Gosh Girl!!!

Fanta Miss Bubbly is the Top 5 finalist Neesha Choudhary!

Miss Friendship goes to Sonu Thapa Magar, contestant no 8!

Miss Personality is Evana Manandhar!

Contestant no 2 Rebika Chettri takes home the Beauty with Purpose title!

Medha Koirala is Second Runner Up of Miss Nepal 2015

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 04-20-15 9:16 AM     [Snapshot: 1015]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Shiv_Linga, Newars getting reservation quota? Can you shed some light on it?
Posted on 04-20-15 10:15 AM     [Snapshot: 1074]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The Civil Service Act and the Nepal Army Act contain provisions ensuring 55 percent of seats for open competition and 45 percent for reservation quotas.
also the ministry of education has a 45%+ reservation for higher education and scholarships/ research and vocational trainings.There is also reservation quota in the police, armed police and government corporations(NAC,salt trading,oil nigam) amounting to 40%+ of the total seats.
these seats are for adivasi-janajati,dalits and madhesis and newars fal under adivasi-janajati,right?

Posted on 04-20-15 10:54 AM     [Snapshot: 1139]     Reply [Subscribe]
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My 2 cents:
Evana compensated her lack of height with fluency in English - she is reportedly doing Master in the US. Communication skills count a lot in fashions as well as in professional careers.
All Miss Worlds and Universe's happen to have a fluency in spoken languages. I don't mean to sound bad, but in Nepal, we can hardly talk using good, complete sentences... half the time the sentences are broken ones; the other half will have no meaning if you try to analyze them by syntax (grammar) and semantics (logics) (I mean even if you discount the fact that they are often colloquial sentences). Many say in Nepal, "Kuro namile ni bhab bujhe pugdaina ra?"

I have seen TV news and shows in Nepali where they complete the sentences using words like "U tyo", "Tyo liera au" without definite references to anything, but the amazing thing is most tend to understand what it is meant by "Tyo" and "Uu". But these kinds of habit are really easy to pick up but are a drag on your communication skills.
Posted on 04-20-15 2:44 PM     [Snapshot: 1359]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Different people have different ideas about what is beautiful. 
सुन्दर खड्का मेरा दाईका साथि हुन् : उनि आफु सुन्दर छैनन् बिहे गर्न लाइ निकै खोज गरिएको हो : साथिभाइले ठोकिदे भन्दा खै मेरो मन ले खाएन भन्थे |  एक दिन मालामा उनिएर घर आए | अनि सबैले लौ हेरुम न त हुने बाला भाउजुको फोटो भन्दा खोकिला बाट निकालेर साथीको हातमा थमाई दिन्छन : साथि हरु मुखा मुख गर्छन अनि सुन्दर दाई भन्छ | आफ्नो आखातिर देखाउंदै " यी गुच्चा खोलेर तिम्रो मा राखी दिन सके था हा पाउन्थ्यौ कति राम्री छ भनेर"  !
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Last edited: 20-Apr-15 02:51 PM

Posted on 04-20-15 2:59 PM     [Snapshot: 1388]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Here is the complete list.
1994 Birgunj Ruby Rana 20 5'6" IA May 7 21
1995 Kathmandu Sumi Khadka 18 5'5" Flight Attendant October 10 21
1996 Kathmandu Poonam Ghimire 23 5'6" Nursing June 8 16
1997 Pokhara Neelima Gurung 19 5'6" August 12 16
1997 Kathmandu Jharana Bajracharya 16 5'5" 16 October 10 18
1998 Kathmandu Jyoti Pradhan(Dethroned) 19 5'8" ISC September 12 15
1998 Kathmandu Niru Shrestha 1 19 5'4" Pilot September 12 15
1999 Kathmandu Shewta Singh 19 5'4" Intermediate September 3 14
2000 Birgunj Usha Khadgi 20 5'4" BA October 1 20
2002 Kathmandu Malvika Subba 21 5'6" BBA December 7 16
2003 Kathmandu Priti Sitoula 22 5'4" BA September 13 16
2004 Kathmandu Payal Shakya 18 5'4" +2 August 7 18
2005 Lalitpur Sugarika KC 19 5'7.5" BSC April 7 19
2007 Lalitpur Sitashma Chand 23 5'8" Graduation April 7 19
2009 Kathmandu Zenisha Moktan 20 5'6" BBS September 25 16
2010 Kathmandu Sadichha Shrestha 19 5'6" BBS September 1 18
2011 Dharan Malina Joshi 23 5'7" BBA August 30 19
2012 Chitwan Shristi Shrestha 23 5'9" Nursing May 6 17
2013 Kathmandu Ishani Shrestha[1] 21 5'7" Dental Nursing March 20 18
2014 Dharan Subin Limbu 23 5'9" BA May 2 19
2015 Kathmandu Evana Manandhar 23 5'4" BBA April 18 19

Wiki source:
Posted on 04-20-15 7:45 PM     [Snapshot: 1597]     Reply [Subscribe]
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the way somebody said Newars are most educated and highly professional is wrong. Go to Maharjgung, Bisanagar, Bansbari, Dhapasi, Chandol, Baluwatar, Budanilkantha, Dhobikhola area ext, u will still see newars living in their muddy huts and farming in the field crazy wearing that newark dress everyday. Lots of my newer ferns have low education. They drink, smoke gaga and fight all the time. Tyo tole ko ketali kutna jay this n that. Keta haru bigrera, school nagayera aile batty banaune, pani pump banaune, inner khanne kaam barchan. Koi jagga bechera gaur banayera rent ma aaru lai diyera paisa kamchan, koi pasal cholera baseka chan. kasari bhanne ki all newars are eel educated and in a high ranking jobs. I think Brahmans are the most well educated and in high ranking jobs in Nepal. They are like whites in US. Newars are like hispanics in US and Mongolians are like blacks in US.
Posted on 04-20-15 8:17 PM     [Snapshot: 1627]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rajesh BP is partially correct in that most Newari Participants come from affluent backgrounds and talent, education are highly valued.

But he forgot to mention that Bahunis and Chhetrinis - especially the ladies belonging to 'decent' families aren't at all forthcoming when it comes to beauty contests. Most of them prefer using their 'talent' in some different areas. Matter of fact, very few Bahun, Chhetri/Thakuri families allow their daughters to get into glamor industry.

But then, these contests tend to be skewed more than other similar ones - ANFA qualifications for eg.
Posted on 04-20-15 9:00 PM     [Snapshot: 1679]     Reply [Subscribe]
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two of the Newars winners did not qualify to be miss Nepal Ishani a US citizen and Shristi a UK citizen. they automatically renounced their Nepali citizenship when they obtained their foreign passports.
Posted on 04-21-15 12:02 AM     [Snapshot: 1776]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It is frankly racist stereotype to say Bahuns are busy in education hence they don't care for competitions like Miss Nepal when Bahuns form the majority of participating contestants in Miss Nepal each year. But yes, many strict, conservative and upper-class Newar, Bahun, Chhetri families do not allow their daughters to participate in this. But things might be chaning - I mean Shristi studied in UK, Ishani and now Evana studied in Shuvatara School and US. How many ordinary Nepalis can actually say they send their sons/daughters to top schools of Nepal and US?

Regarding Reservation/Quota system, Nepal Government has made it mandatory (atleast on paper) for government agencies, I/NGOs, and other services to provide specific quotas (45%) for people hailing from communities like Indigenous (Adivasi), Tribal (Janjati), Madhesi, Women, Disabled, Geographic area etc. With context to Newars, they are false-fully termed as a single ethnic group when in fact Newar is not a specific ethnicity or caste - it is in fact a linguistic community/nation that comprises of various ethnicities (Kirats, Tibetans, Rajputs, Karnats (Madhesi), Khas, Tamang, Kanyakubja, Lichcavis, Vrijjs, Indigenous, etc.), various castes (Dya Brahman, Tirute Brahman, Chathari (Kshatri) Srestha, Bagha (half) Srestha, Jyapu, Sayami, Naye, etc. etc. fulfilling the varna jatis from Brahmins down to asat- Sudras), various religious sects (Shaiv, Tantra, Vaishnav, Theraveda, Mahayan, etc.) But due to the selfishness of a few so-called Newar 'leaders' and their insistent pressure, ALL Newars are termed Janajati these days. However they are generally tagged along Bahuns and Chhetris among the privileged group and in N/INGOs Newars (the higher caste ones) cannot contend for reservation based on their caste.
Posted on 04-21-15 9:42 AM     [Snapshot: 1975]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think there is no relation between the caste system and Miss Nepal competition. However, i can't deny that Newari, Bhoteni, gurung/magar seni have most good looking body ;) no offense to chettri & bahun (while I am one of those).
The problem is with the organization committee, their marketing/media strategy and their outreach to other parts of Nepal than Kathmandu. Economic factor, education and attitude of people towards beauty contest also affect the participation.
I personally do not like the concept of beauty contest. The outcome of these sort of beauty contest only serves as pretty face & media. I guess the winners automatically become ambassador to few non-profits and become active until they get to participate/travel in Miss World contest. I don't see how that helps in upliftment of under-represented & underprivileged class of women in Nepal. I see Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal as an organization that objectifies women and represent only certain class of people.
Posted on 05-31-18 4:41 PM     [Snapshot: 16807]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Because they know how to wear Hakkyu Pattashu ( Black Sari).
Posted on 05-27-23 11:30 AM     [Snapshot: 45725]     Reply [Subscribe]
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because they are intelligent

Posted on 05-27-23 11:02 PM     [Snapshot: 45885]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If we look at all the winners then we can see almost all cast have been miss Nepal, but lately we do have newars. But when we look at prime minister and politician in Nepal than mostly we have Brahmins and high ranking army officers are KSHETRY.
Posted on 06-01-23 1:41 PM     [Snapshot: 46335]     Reply [Subscribe]
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अर्को धागोमा ८ १० बर्स पुरानो धागो ब्युत्याउने फ़ुशिखोउवा ले ए .आई ले गर्दा देखाएको भन्थ्यो तेस्कै कम्पुटर मा मात्र यो AI छिर्दो रहेछ ?

यो धागो पनि discrimination युक्त धागो होईन र ?
Posted on 06-01-23 3:08 PM     [Snapshot: 46372]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सुस्ते , तलाई ट्रंपको फुसी चाट भन्नेले त्यो थ्रेडमा AI ले गर्दा होइन Algo , (Algorithm ) गर्दा चै पुरानो थ्रेड उसको कम्पुटरमा आयो भन्यो होला गएर हेर त एकचोटी !

कालो अक्षर तेरा लागि भैँसी बाराबर भंछस भने त के कुरो गर्नु तर AI र Algorathim दुइ ध्रुब हुन् . Algorithm तैंले देको (input ) लाइ analyze गरेर तेरो चाहना अनुसारको output दिन्छ .

जस्तो तैले youtoube मा " जापान काण्ड " हेर्दा अर्को video "चितवन काण्ड , देअवर जेठानी काण्ड " आदि आदि आउछ . तलाई लाग्ला त नकचरो लाइ तेरा हजुर बाबुले माथि बाट फ़ुतु-फ़ुतु कान्डै कान्ड हेर भनेर youtoube मा पठाको हुन् भनेर तर तेसो होइन भाई त्यो algo हो .

AI ले तेरो इन्पुटको आधारमा मात्र output दिन्न, big data मा robust concept बाट काम गर्छ . तेरो गूगल म्यापले तैले भने अनुसारको नतिजा भन्दा पनि तलाई सबै भन्दा ठिक हुने नतिजा आफै प्रसोधन गरेर दिन्छ यो चै सुस्ते AI हो . एकचोटी तेरो gmail spam folder खोलेर हेर , तैले त्यहाँ पनि AI ले कति राम्रो काम गरेको छ थाहा पाउछस .

बुझ्नु न सुझ्नु, टुडिखेल कुध्नु भने जस्तो ,AI AI भनेर उफ्रिन्छ सुस्ते .
Posted on 06-01-23 4:00 PM     [Snapshot: 46411]     Reply [Subscribe]
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फुसिखोवा तै होईनस आधा पढाई मात्र सकेको? साझा मा तै फुसिखौवालाइ ए आई ले पुरानो धागो कुराकानीमा राखी दिन्छ , हामी हरुलाई आउदैन ! होईन कस्तो बिसयमा चाख रहेछ !
यो साझा टाईप गरेर हिट गर्ना साथ् तेस्मा पुर्याई हालेको हो ! कि कुराकानी क्लिक पछि त्यो ५ बर्स पुरानो धागो अगाडि तेर्सिन पुगेको हो ?
किन Gmail account को कुरा साझा कुराकानी सङ्ग जोडेर मैले भनेको ठिक. भन्दै छस !
यो धागो लाइ चै AI ले कसरि help गर्द्यो फ़ुसिख्योउवा ?
Posted on 06-01-23 6:23 PM     [Snapshot: 46473]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सानो हुदा गाउमा तँ जस्तै एउटा लठ्याब्रा 'ताइने तुइ , ताइने तुइ ` भन्दै हिड्थ्यो मैले अलिक ठुलो भए पछि तेस्को आसय " ताई न तुइ " भन्ने बुझे . तैले अहिले AI AI भन्दै उफ्रिदा तेही लठ्याब्राको सम्झना आयो .
AI को प्रसङ्ग किन निकालिस बुज्न सकेको छैन . दुधे बालकले कहिले कहिँ नया सब्द टिप्छ नि तलाई पनि यो AI साबधा फ्यान्सी लगेर टिपेको होस्कि जस्तो भयो . anyways
Posted on 06-01-23 6:33 PM     [Snapshot: 46482]     Reply [Subscribe]
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दुधे बालक ले तरुनी हेरिस युट्युब मा अनि हरेक चोटि खोल्दा तेस्तै पाउदा दंग पर्दै साझा मा के के न भयो र पाइए भन्दै टासी बस्ने आफ्नो कथा ठ्याकै भनिस | क-कसको फुसी चाटिस ? मैले अरु धागोमा पठाई दिए भनेको थिए पाईस होइन त ? फेरी पठाई दिन्छु |
Posted on 06-01-23 6:49 PM     [Snapshot: 46504]     Reply [Subscribe]
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तलाई यो " ट्रंपको फुसी चटुवा" ट्यागले सारै मर्माहत तुल्याको पाए . मैले त तलाई एकचोटी भने , सकियो . तँ बारम्बार तेही सब्दहरु दोहर्याएर आफ्नो बलात्कार आफै गर्न चाहन्छस भने त्यो तेरो स्वोबिबेकी अधिकार को कुरो भयो .

फेरी हामीले यहाँ तलाई " ट्रंपको फुसी चटुवा" येतिक्कै भनेको पनि होइन . तेस्को र तेरो बानि बेहोरामा एकदम धेरै समानता छ ." पागल, बहुला , पटमुर्ख , संकी , अज्ञानी , एकोहोरे , रेसीस्ट " जस्ता जे जे बिसेसन ट्रंपमा प्रयोग गर्न सकिन्छ त्यो ठ्याक्कै त् मा पनि प्रयोग गर्न सकिन्छ .

लाग्छ तेस्कै रक्त-बीज होस् त ,अब यो भन्दा धेरै बेज्जती नगरौ तेरो .
end of discussion #period
Posted on 06-02-23 10:26 AM     [Snapshot: 46951]     Reply [Subscribe]
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तैले चाटेको होस्, तै होस् फ़ुसिचटुवा | मर्माहत् त तै नै भएको छस , यो धागो मा मेरो कमेन्ट मेटाउन नपाएर | त पनि ट्रंप को देखा सिखी गरि साझामा घटिया काम गर्दैछस | हामि किन भंछस , तै होस रमभकते भएर लेख्ने , तै होस् गर्लफ्रेन्ड कि आमा सङ्ग सुते भन्ने | अनि आमाका साथि हरु पनि तेतिनै बुढी होलान उनीहरुको पनि चाट्न पुगिस फ़ुसिचटुवा ?
कति विद्वान छस त जो १२ पछि अर्को सकिनस | आधा गाग्री छछल्किएको झैँ बोउलाएको छस |

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