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 PhD in American Studies-Paryo fasad!
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Posted on 12-21-16 10:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey sajha frens, ma US 2008 ma aye ra Masters American Studies( I still regret for choosing a bad major) ma gare. After I graduated ,I taught for a year in a small university in my OPT. I really liked the field, and I chose to continue my further studies in American Studies. Aile ayera fasad paryo, job pauna ekdam garo vairako cha. Teaching job khojdai chu tara ekdamai competitive cha. Nepali daju bhai haruko kura sunera afu kei technical kura haru paddai chu:python ra SQL ta sikdai chu ra kei certifications ni line plan cha tara kam kasari paune ho vanera tension vairako cha. Yo American Studies kai PhD degree bata katai IT/Stats job pauna sakincha hola? Business analysts ko job pauna sakcha vanchan sathi bhai harule tara hijo ajha h1-b garda field namileko le RFE paincha vanchan. Sabse closest IT field malai ke huncha hola? or any other studies that would help me get a job>H1>GC?
Nepali consultancy ni ajkal ta GC po chaincah vanchan ta, OPT lidainan re. Indian wala harule chai non technical lai lina garo huncha pachi h1-b ma lafada huncha vandai chan. Paila jasto joslai ni lidainan re. Feri Masters garau ki computer science ma vanne sochdai ta chu tara abha OPT paile nai use gareko le tyo ni masanga option chaina. Ekdam dodhar ma pariyo hau, kei sujhab cha vane dinu hola.
Posted on 12-22-16 3:24 AM     [Snapshot: 149]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hmm.. May be i am ignorant but i have never been able to understand why anyone would gamble over a degree like that which basically has very little value in job market. I guess with skills that you are learning you can find IT jobs in due time.. Business analytics position with degree in American studies could be a bit of an uphill battle.
A little curious..do you really feel that your phd was worth it? Sorry i dont mean to be rude.. I've always wondered about people getting big degrees in fields like these.. On a second thought..perhaps a nuclear or rocket science degree is worthless in place Nepal..

Posted on 12-22-16 5:04 AM     [Snapshot: 183]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Actually it great degree but just not for immigrants fighting for status/job/stable income . Most people who take these degree are from prominent family at lest higher middle class , who will eventually do some other joint degree like law or business management . Lot of them end of being some local or federal politician .

May be you should consider taking additional law degree or some joint degree in economics . But immigration is other story, not sure how easy is it for lawyer to get h1b and gc. Job wise eventually you will get some teaching position in liberal arts college any way, and if you take law degree you can have some law practice. For immigration may be you should choose some other way out , may be get married if you are not yet.

IT may be temp fix , but it might get painful over long run , considering jump u are making .
Posted on 12-22-16 9:02 AM     [Snapshot: 362]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks for the replies! Galti vayo dherai life ma aile ayera pachutaudai chu. College padda funding paye ra khasai dukha vayena, tei vayera tyo bela ekdmaai thik decision gare jasto lagyo. I like my field, but it doesn't put food on my table. Nepali/Indian daju bhai haru college ma vako vaye ankha kholdinthe hola tara afu pare eklai tei vayera esto kura tha vayena. Anyways, degree in Law/Economics sounds good to me too, but what would I do after I graduate? I wont have an OPT on my hand since I already used it after my Masters. I actually don't mind going to IT field. I don't think I can do programming job, but Business/Data Analysis could be good for me. I heard the job is mostly about communicating and writing, which I think I should be able to do.
Do you guys think I can get some IT job with my background? My OPT would start in June/July next year, so I have time to take training and certificates.
Posted on 12-22-16 9:40 AM     [Snapshot: 440]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Background does not matter. IT ma chiraadincha jasto lai pani. aba tikne na tikne aafnu haat ma huncha. aafule mehenet garne ani padhne. background does not matter. start fresh. ani why are you worried about opt? TPS chadai cha... aile tps ead liiyera kaam garna thaalne. Consultancy le nai h1b ra green card file gardincha. aba masters ra phd ma jati time bitaayo, its all in the past. present ra future ko sochne aile. aate pachi na sakne kura kei chaina... mehenet daro garnu parla.. tara tetro paisa diye pachi why not. fresh career that also with that pay paaye pachi why not. Aba samaya barbaad garnu bhanda take actions. tei ho..
Posted on 12-22-16 9:59 AM     [Snapshot: 471]     Reply [Subscribe]
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File and work in IT filed in TPS
Posted on 12-22-16 10:08 AM     [Snapshot: 466]     Reply [Subscribe]
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One thing though, you said you can't do Programming. Why is that??
My thinking is you are seeking help and also indirectly asking for easy route. When you are in trouble and asking for some favor, never say you can't do this and that. It is true that developer position is not that easy but my point is you should be brave enough to say, I can learn any thing if I am given opportunity. Business and Data Analyst position might be suitable for your background, but they are hard to find and also not easy to do.
I am not sure, but I think you could easily find a good paying professor job in Nepal. May be it will take 2-3 years for you to get settled in Nepal but you can do what you enjoy doing. IT job is not that easy like it was before. And all the scrutiny in OPT and H1B that is happening now a days for international students coming from different background can make your life even difficult. Don't wanna discourage you, but I can see you living happily in Nepal with your family. May be you will not earn as much as here. May be you will be treated as failure by your kith and kin, but on a long run with similar hard work that you will be doing here, you can be more successful.

Posted on 12-22-16 10:48 AM     [Snapshot: 548]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Say good bye to America. Go to Nepal and be a professor. Why waste your valuable life in something that exist only in mental imagination i.e. maintaining status. If you can become professor at TU or KU, the respect you get in your society is immeasurable in Nepal. You have to repeat all these suffering again and again until you are liberated! Do not get involved too much in Samsara. This is all Maya.
Posted on 12-22-16 12:14 PM     [Snapshot: 627]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Do you think it's that easy to be a professor in Nepal? It takes years and you have to take exams to be a lecturer first. May be after years you become a professor but not with American studies. TU doesn't offer that subject as far as I know. You guys sound like there are no Nepalis in master in Nepal. Gone are the days when they used to HD us degrees with high stqndards.
Posted on 12-22-16 12:25 PM     [Snapshot: 634]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Instead of getting tensed, you should continue with your studies. Even if you don't get a job real quick, you will at least have your degree with you which will be valuable in near future. As far i know, you can apply for jobs in European countries or you can apply for PR in Canada as well. But all you gotta do is keep continuing your studies and keep trying; harder; matter of fact try smart not hard.
Posted on 12-22-16 3:36 PM     [Snapshot: 762]     Reply [Subscribe]
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bro/sis we all international students are in similar situation. You already have Phd.. So I think you are genius. In my view Nepali will have degree in hand (from US/UK/Australia I would say 85-90% will become Phd in 5 years) because of immigration policy, funding this and that. Reality is quite different is not it???? we want to settle :) and looking opportunity :) :) .

Some are lucky to get position and some are not. This is my story i am doing my second MBA but i am not that much qualified myself you know why because all the University that I attended was not a top 10 university(s) and I need to earn money to sustain and pay the fee for that unknown degree :) . I struggle to find job and all the agent job I got was paying less than what they are supposed still I did in the past. I have real experience here and there for 8 years. however I am also thinking of changing my career because situation never stay same as we see in theory so change according to the situation.

try your best you will success one day never give-up. By the way I wrote in this thread because I am also non technical guy, got suggestion in sajha to get training in programming or IT(so called IT, I don't knows what IT is, because it is a vague word "Information Technology"). I bet no one will answer what IT is in reality. some say developer, some say tools, some say data analyst I already spent 2 months myself in learning different form of IT still did not got the answer what I am looking for and try to contact Consultancy for training and placements most of them are saying we are not taking non technical guy, we only deal with GC..... we are holding for some time due to election and may be things will change after this JAN.

now a day consultancy is also asking money for training, sajha friend told not to pay money for any training. ha ha ha no idea what is going on still hoping for the best.

I think we need to open thread for consulting training and placement so that we can help each other to understand how this work.

keep on posting
Posted on 12-22-16 3:45 PM     [Snapshot: 783]     Reply [Subscribe]
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There are a lot of study , training materials in google and YouTube. There are many but some are more equal :) than others, therefore, need to choose.
Posted on 12-24-16 10:04 AM     [Snapshot: 1092]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ktm123us Jee, my hope and best wishes that you find peace in the decision that you make. I read all threads, by our community, suggesting you many great advice. I agree with them and I have nothing new to add. The decision is yours and it is hard. The only one thing that I had question because I was not clear from the title of your thread is whether you have already been conferred a diploma with PhD? If you have not yet then obviously you are close and I too, like many of us here, encourage you to complete and get the degree conferred first. As we all universally agree that even if you decide to go back to Nepal or settle in another country like Canada or Australia, the conferred degree with PhD will come handy. If you have been already granted the PhD by your University then please ignore. That is all. I wanted to make sure that I understood and then wanted to suggest, like @Paudel did.


If you have time to read further then I can quickly share my experience. I did my MBA from a non relevant private university that is not in any popular published rankings, like not even in Top 1000 ranked colleges in US. The fees were reasonable and I did not get any scholarship or financial assistance. By working at college and **cough, cough** I managed tuition and living expenses. Since the college was in the city it was easy that way. After graduating went to desi consultancy and rest is the same old story. I am still a Business Analyst but my notion of this 'Business Type' jobs and 'IT Type' jobs were challenged in my current job. The bank that I am working for has understood this legacy business vs. IT conundrum. So the recent strategic declaration they made internally was to announce that they are an IT company which also happens to be a Bank. One of the top challenges (amongst list of 20) that the CEO of this bank mentioned in a Bloomberg article is hiring right (high end) skills. He says, that not having right enough programmers and skills that support their IT infrastructure has come to a point that their competitive advantage in the marketplace is being threatened by budding Fintech companies. In every town halls the senior level management declares that they are short in hiring right skill set.

Summary: Almost all Fortune 100 Job Openings are for specific skills that we traditionally call 'Information Technology'. There is NO 'Business' type jobs. The only Non-IT jobs in that sense may be in mature industries like Accounting, Industrial Chemistry, Power Plant Maintenance, Law, Medicine, Automotive Industry etc. Learning the skill set that are in demand is challenging but the rewards are incomparable.Also, there are NO entry level jobs unless they are call center associate types. A proficient automation tester who starts a first job (**cough cough** with ** experience) will definitely earn at par or more than a tenured Professor of American Studies.
Posted on 12-24-16 10:35 AM     [Snapshot: 1116]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you have time could you explain what is the main role as your experience in simple term what do you do as a "business analyst". giving an example would be the best.

I watched many youtube video all talk about theory"waterfall cycle, agile bla bla bla". I want to know what actually a BA do in real world. which software you use, do you write papers, make presentation or what is business requirements kind of things

it would be a great input.

Thanks in advance

Posted on 12-24-16 11:02 AM     [Snapshot: 1145]     Reply [Subscribe]
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how many nepalese choose their field of study--yo ta jasle ni garchan, alik chuttai garnu paryo...degree ko name nai chuttai bhako.
Posted on 12-24-16 11:07 AM     [Snapshot: 1148]     Reply [Subscribe]
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although the following is what business analysts should do, i think most just play the role of proxy between business user and development by gathering requirement and forwarding.

Here are the business analyst’s 10 key roles in defining and managing requirements:

Extract requirements - Requirements play a key part in engineering IT systems. Incomplete or improper requirements usually lead to project failure. A business analyst determines a project’s requirements by extracting them from business or government policies, as well as from current and future users, through interaction and research.
Anticipate requirements - Skilled business analysts know how quickly things change in the dynamic world of IT. Baseline plans are subject to modification, and anticipating requirements that will be needed in the future or that have not yet been considered is essential to successful outcomes.
Constrain requirements - While complete requirements are essential to project success, the focus must remain on core business needs, and not users’ personal preferences, functions related to trends or outdated processes, or other non-essential modifications.
Organize requirements - Requirements often originate from disparate, sometimes opposing sources. The business analyst must organize requirements into related categories to effectively manage and communicate them. Requirements are sorted into types according to their source and applicability. Proper organization prevents project requirements from becoming overlooked, and leads to optimum use of time and budgets.
Translate requirements - The business analyst must be adept at translating business requirements to technical requirements. This includes using powerful analysis and modeling tools to match strategic business objectives with practical technical solutions.
Safeguard requirements - At regular intervals in the project life cycle, the business analyst safeguards or protects the business and user’s needs by verifying functionality, accuracy and completeness of the requirements against the original initiating documents. Safeguarding minimizes risk by ensuring requirements are being met before investing further in system development.
Simplify requirements - The business analyst emphasizes simplicity and ease of use at all times, but especially in implementation. Meeting business objectives is the goal of every IT project; business analysts identify and avoid extraneous activities that do not solve the problem or help reach the objective.
Verify requirements - The business analyst is most knowledgeable about use cases; therefore they continually verify the requirements and reject implementations that do not advance business objectives. Verifying requirements is accomplished through analysis, test, demonstration and inspection.
Managing requirements - Typically, a formal requirements presentation, review and approval session occurs, where project schedules, costs and duration estimates are updated and the business objectives are revisited. Upon approval, the business analyst transitions into requirements management activities for the rest of the IT solution life cycle.
System and operations maintenance - Once all requirements have been met and the IT solution delivered, the business analyst’s role shifts to maintenance, or preventing and correcting defects; enhancements, or making changes to increase the value provided by the system; and operations and maintenance, or providing system validation procedures, maintenance reports, deactivation plans, and other documents, plans and reports. The business analyst will also play a major role in analyzing the system to determine when deactivation or replacement is required.
Posted on 12-24-16 11:20 AM     [Snapshot: 1161]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you for your input. If i did understand those Jargon theory i would not have asked to give one simple example.. rather than a lot of theory.

Extract requirements: what you actually do in real business to extract requirement ??? do you use software tools or how you extract requirement that was my question.

Anticipate requirements: how you really Anticipate requirements in real business??????

i understand if some one say go and cook rice. i know i need rice, water and electricity or gas whatever means i used to cook rice. but may be i don't know where and how to buy rice is not it?? Ya I know this is a dumb question but out of curiosity what do i need to do as a business analyst in real field not is theoretical world.

Posted on 12-24-16 4:06 PM     [Snapshot: 1240]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@k_ho_k_life I am sure you have looked into many materials that are available for the skill set called 'Business Analyst' therefore I will not go into details. The below is the summary of what I do. I hope it helps.

This is what I do:
I run and maintain a Report of customer accounts (under certain categories) that provides to management, a status of things that are past due, that are coming due and what actions are needed on them. There is a customer facing application, let's call it KalidasUI. To automatically and periodically run my Report (let's call it Kalidas Daily Dashboard) I have to pull data that are generated by KalidasUI in various tables that are across multiple database by using a tool (in my case it could be backend of Cognos BI or we use Toad; it depends on where the data type rests, i.e. Oracle db or SQL svr, because KalidasUI populates various databases). That is all that I do. I run and maintain the Kalidas Daily Dashboard.

Periodically, due to compliance changes (call it business generated requirements) or merely for enhancement of KalidasUI, I am asked to change my Kalidas Daily Dashboard. For example, The Retirement Accounts with more than a specific amount of balance, that falls under Account Type A, now needs to be pulled into my Kalidas Daily Dashboard. This Retirement Account Table, under Account Type A, was not previously a part of my Kalidas Daily Dashboard. Since Kalidas Daily Dashboard is also rendered in KalidasUI which is seen by external customers, therefore I will now have to consider this change request as a Project and work on writing a documented requirement for it. That is only because I support KalidasUI to generate Kalidas Daily Dashboard. I have to look into existing database schema, document how that schema needs to be changed, what are the business rules that needs to be changed (there is a decision engine, a tool, that I need to be aware of where my change will impact it), then I have to document all this in tools called RTC and RRC. Basically to manage end-to-end requirements for this project. Work with Release Manager on priority (that is sizing the requirements for a date of release, in sprint cycles), work with test team to document the impact to their Regression Test Suite (basically there is a suite of test skripts that run frequently, say every day or every pre-release, in a system of servers where all the logics, code and compilers run, called 'environment' that is almost like real time production environment. In our organization it is called E3 environment). I have to ensure that my new change to the application works as intended. That is to ensure that Kalidas Daily Dashboard shows the Retirement Accounts with Balance of specific amount that falls under Account Type A, and that this new change to the Kalidas Daily Dashboard does not adversely impact existing functionality of KalidasUI. This is done by properly (accurately) writing the requirements in RTC, RRC tool. Also, as an Analyst of Kalidas Daily Dashboard, which is part of KalidasUI, I have to respond to various questions coming from DBAs, Test Managers, PMs and Release Managers related to that change.
That is about it.

You already know about SDLC. As a Business Analyst I only support "a" part of that SDLC process. But all this work are in the realm of software development. In Business there is another important aspect of Information Technology which is called "Production Support". What if my Kalidas Daily Dashboard nightly batch fails to run? It is a Production Issue. There is a whole another team that works in Production Support. They handle issues that arise in Production. That is when the customer experiences an issue with the system. Therefore your work as a BA could also, in some cases, be on these type of Production Support and not merely new development as indicated by SDLC.This is the world of Incident Management, Defect Resolution, Prioritization of Defects for next Release. Say my Kalidas Daily Dashboard did not run because another program that populates specific table at the End of the Day failed to do so and the Control M jobs that ensure my Kalidas Daily Dashboard batch incorporates such table did not find those values on that particular day therefore it failed to run. To identify all this, someone needs to be dedicated to it. At 1:00 AM in the morning, if you are on call, supporting that application, you may get a call to be on the Communication Bridge Line to find out the Root Cause of why those Batch Jobs are failing. These are just examples of real scenarios if you were part of an application Production Support team.

Therefore in my few years in this field, at a high level, as a Business Analyst either 1. I worked to develop something new (a new requirement or towards an enhanced feature for an existing system) or 2. I worked to support an existing system in the real time. Those are plain vanilla BA roles. For these 2 role types, I needed other peripheral skills to support my work. I needed skills to understand how MQs worked to understand how my UI sends / receives data & session info. In other cases I needed to understand how rules engine worked. In the case of Kalidas Daily Dashboard, I need to understand how to make changes in current table, generally outlined in database schemas. To outline all these to my clients, I was asked to depict these changes in a diagram (common language like UML or BPMN may be used to show your requirements in a diagram). I needed to understand how to test them (therefore knowledge of JSON, REST, SOAP would have come handy). I needed to estimate my book of work and coordinate the resources in terms of planned release (a PM type knowledge was required). Knowledge of ITIL because I was interacting with change management concepts.

But these are not hard concepts to learn once you have the big picture figured out. Also whatever they say in the books, in actuality, as you mature with your application and the organization's system, people rely on you and demand more than what your Job Deskription would conventionally itemize.

And then there are other BAs that may work in projects specific to security (cryptography, IT Controls & Security Audit, Pen Test, Incident Response etc), Infrastructure (network and hardware requirements, Disaster Recovery and BCPs etc), Data Migration (including Integration Architecture, ETL, API and Micro Services patterns solutions etc). So there could be broad spectrum of core skillset that needs to be exhibited but the general idea is the same.
Posted on 12-24-16 4:20 PM     [Snapshot: 1259]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks for your input kalidasbhaisaab. It was really helpful. I still need to go in depth what you wrote any way it was detail. Thanks for your time really appreciated for the help....

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