Prince Harry says every single one of us has duty to get HIV test
The Duke of Sussex appeared on a video call to encourage people to get tested for HIV (Picture: PA)

The Duke of Sussex has told of how he feels a responsibility to continue his mum’s ‘unfinished’ work in raising awareness around HIV.

He took part in a 30-minute video call with former rugby star and good friend Gareth Thomas as part of National HIV Testing Week.

The pair spoke about how normalising HIV testing could help achieve the goal of ending new HIV cases in the UK by 2030.

Prince Harry, speaking from California, said: ‘Every single one of us has a duty, or at least an opportunity, to get tested ourselves or to make it easier for everybody else to get tested. And then it just becomes a regular thing like anything else.

‘This testing week, especially in the UK, or wherever you are in the world, go and get a test. Let people know that you know your status. Do it!’

National HIV Testing Week started on February 7 and promotes free home test kits which can be ordered in the UK. Tests can also be carried out at local sexual health or community clinics.

When asked what made him so passionate about raising awareness of HIV, Harry said: ‘Once you get to meet people and you see the suffering around the world, I certainly can’t turn my back on that.

‘Then add in the fact that my mum’s work was unfinished, I feel obligated to try and continue that as much as possible.